2006 April Surprise Rescue: Maddy #12

From: Priscilla Harvey <[email protected]

Date: Thu May 4, 2006 10:53:22 AM US/Pacific

Subject: [KBL] Maddy #12

Hi List,

Wanted to let those of you who are interested in the rescues know that the April Surprise rescue Maddy #12 is doing well today.

She arrived late yesterday and seemed to weather her trip okay. She gave a little trouble to our Kirby at first, but we’ve worked it out and the three
of the Kerries are comfortable in the same area now. We named her Maddy 

after our niece of the same age and temperament. Maddy #12 has a sound like Chanel #5.

She’s thin. When I feel those hip bones protruding I have a vision of being in charge of the food the millers would get from me. Wouldn’t it be fun to
turn the tables?

This is a lovely little girl. Shy but not excessively so. Likes human contact and is not afraid of men or children. Very pretty face and nice color. Wishing
all the rescues and their foster homes the very best…

Priscilla Harvey

Bowser, Kirby and Maddy #12

From: Tracey Fulmer <[email protected]>

Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 2:34:35 PM US/Pacific

Hi Listers, 

Nadia & husband at Pricilla & Davis Harvey’s house,

picking up Maddy.

Maddy #12, also from the April Surprise, is now in Montreal and so far the family is in love and vice versa. Priscilla and David Harvey, foster home
extraordinaire, did a wonderful job in helping identify the right home for Maddy and gave her lots of love during her transition from the mill. Dianne
Ewing promises to fill in more details as she arranged the placement. I hope pictures will follow!

Maddy in her new home in Montreal with Eric Picard and Nadia Bourassa.

Maddy with daughter Nadia.

Maddy with son Brandon

Maddy with daughter Kayla.

From: Janet Joers

Subject: Update on Maddy #12 April Surprise

Date: December 1, 2006 8:58:48 AM PST

Maddy has truly made herself at home with her new family in Montreal! Here are some recent photos of her in an apple orchard, and at home with Kayla and

September 17, 2008

From Nadia Bourassa

Maddy is a sweet girl, everyone who sees her falls in love with her. She wants to be petted all the time and when you stop she tells you with her paw very
gently to continue. She is now 6 years old, we got her at 3 1/2. When she came to us she was afraid of men and she is still a little bit afraid but
there is a big improvement since the beginning.

She is gentle for everything she does. When she drinks, when she eats, when she walks she is gentle, but when she plays with Chad (October Rescue) they play hard. The dogs are always beside me, they follow me
everywhere I go even if I am doing the laundry! I don’t know if all dogs do that or if it’s a Kerry thing but I love it. Thanks to the Foundation for
giving me the chance to have such wonderful dogs beside me all the time.

Maddy & Chad


August 19, 2016

From Nadia Bourassa

18, 2016 was the night that our sweet and lovable Kerry, Maddy left this world for a new adventure probably looking over her pack, The Picard family.
She will be missed for her kindness, her gentleness, especially when she wanted to get petted, she would reach out with her paw with such d?licatesse
that you took the extra 5 minutes to pet her. She made time stop. With our lives that is just spinning like crazy, she would make us stop to take
our time. She would make us realize that we needed to slow down. She was like a lighthouse for a lost boat at sea. Thank you baby Girl, we will
miss you!

R.I.P. 07.23.2002 – 08.18.2016

Thank you Priscilla and David Harvey for giving Maddy all the love before you introduced her to her new family. Forever grateful!!!



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