2006 April Surprise Rescue: Maddie #9

From: Linda Grisley <[email protected]

Date: Wed May 3, 2006 12:33:47 PM US/Pacific

Subject: [KBL] Arrivals in Canada

Last night at 11:15 p.m. two young ladies from the April Surprise rescue

arrived at Edmonton Airport, Canada. At 2:00 a.m. I finally had them in

hand after a lengthy wait for Customs. (That’s another story – notes made

for “next time”). Foster mom, Terri, was watching the dogs (not allowed to

touch – only view through a window) while I got the paperwork done. She said

they sat quietly the whole time – even after having travelled for 6 hours to

get to us. Anyway, Terri and I received the dogs and took them outside for

a potty break. They willingly came from their crates with wagging tails,

and when they saw each other the play began. Terri and I danced around

their wrestle play trying to keep leashes untangled as we encouraged them to

a grassy area for a pee. Both went quickly and resumed play.

Back into the crates for a quiet ride into town.

#111 (unknown birthdate but probably 1 yr. old) went to Terri’s foster

house. Her Kerry, Tully, was sleeping in a different room so I didn’t see

them meet yet. #111 willingly and happily came from the crate and sniffed

her way around the room with tail up and Kerry curiousity …..straight to

Tully’s dish and devoured all the food, drank well of the water and kissed

Terri and I. OK – no problems – I left to deliver the other girl to her


These April Surprise rescues are in soooo much better shape than the Shelbina kids. Yes, they are skinny and nervous, but they are also presenting
as much happier, much more inquisitive and much more showing the Kerry spirit we know and love. I’ll get pics to post as soon as possible.

Linda Grisley

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

From: Linda Grisley [mailto:[email protected]]

Sent: Saturday, May 13, 2006 9:57 PM

Maddie (1 yr) is attaching very nicely to her foster family and especially to her 10 yr. old Kerry housemate, who puts up with her testing of his
patience! She is still a puppy with play and mischief her priorities, but is learning quickly what is and is not permitted. Maddie is still nervous
of walks outside her yard and of sudden moves or sounds, but is growing in confidence with each passing day. She loves to be scratched and cuddled
and will fit best in a household with older children or just adults. She will be an excellent only pet or new addition to a dog household as she responds
well to training. Maddie will be seeing the vet this week for a case of vaginitis. She is skinny, but in good overall health. She is of typical Kerry
structure with a lovely head that will look even better when the hair finally grows!

Linda Grisley

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

From: Linda Grisley <[email protected]>

Date: Sat May 27, 2006 1:03:00 PM US/Pacific

Maddie the 1 yr. old April Surprise rescue here in Canada continues to

blossom! She is still fearful, but shows more confidence with each passing

day. For example, the submissive peeing is no more (whew!), but she will

flatten immediately if frightened by a sudden noise.

Maddie can leave the yard for walks now, too. She will walk well on leash

with head and tail high and happy. She really perks up to see another dog,

but will flatten if approached.

Training is going well – Maddie is very obedient and wants to please. She

will be attending a beginner obedience class with an instructor well aware

of her needs. This should give her more socialization in a safe


Maddie’s trip to the vet assured us that she did not have vaginitis, but was

exhibiting a discharge prefacing her heat. Otherwise, she is in excellent

health with only some tartar build-up on her teeth.

Still a puppy, our Maddie has also taken to house redecoration – moving the

floor mats to more preferable locations and stealing the laundry! She’s a

little imp with an infectious spirit.

As we watch Maddie and assess her needs, it is clear she would fit best in

an adult home. If you would like a faithful, devoted companion, this lovely

dog is still available for adoption. For ease of transition I hope the

right home is close to Edmonton, Alberta.

Linda Grisley

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

From: Linda Grisley <[email protected]>

Date: Sat Jul 22, 2006 4:12:28 PM US/Pacific

Another one of our April Surprise rescues has found her forever home!

Maddie left on Thursday for Brampton, Ontario and the loving hands of Terry

and Jean Douglas. Many thanks to George Moad and Julius Prokol for the home

visit help and the fine recommendation that the Douglas’s are “a dream

home”. Extra special thanks to Terri McTaggart here in Edmonton, who

fostered Maddie for 2 1/2 months until the right home was found. She is

shedding a few tears at Maddie’s departure, and I’m sure her Kerry, Tully,

will be sniffing around looking for his little buddy.

The Douglas’s have had 3 Kerries before, their last lady crossing the

rainbow bridge in May, so Maddie is now filling a void in their lives and

they are thrilled. She has attached herself nicely to Terry…..following

him around the house and most especially loving the garden where her tail

goes up and her eyes sparkle. It will take a while for her to get used to

all the new sights, sounds and smells of Ontario, but Terry and Jean are

committed full time to making her transition an easy one.

The Kerry community is so amazing and supportive……Thanks Everyone!

Linda Grisley

Rescue Coordinator – Prairies

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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