2006 April Surprise Rescue: Keelin #3

May 3, 2006

From: “Hayes, Jim” <[email protected]>

Date: Wed May 3, 2006 4:27:33 AM US/Pacific

Subject: Arrival

A quick little update of #237, now to be known as Keelin, Irish for “fair”.

My son waiting at the airport.

She’s such a sweetie. My son Taylor and I picked her up at the airport last night at 10:00. When she came through the door the airline personnel had placed
her crate in a wheelchair and were pushing it through the airport. I was waiting in the area where I thought she would be but actually needed to be
at the ticket counter. After all the luggage was off the plane I ask an attendant who directed me to the ticket counter. As Taylor and I headed that
way, here she came.

This little girl broke my heart immediately. She is so tiny. She looks more like a puppy instead of a 5 year old. I spoke to her and then signed the paper
work and we took her outside to the vehicle. I knew that after a 4 1/2 hour flight she would probably need to relieve herself. I carefully opened the
crate and attached her new leash to her collar and out she comes. Again, she’s tiny. This may have been her first time on grass but she seemed curious
and alert. About this time another departure from the airport. Yes, it was loud as the plane took off down the runway but Keelin just alertly looked
up and was motionless. After about 10 minutes we loaded her back in the blazer for the 15 minute ride home. Once home the rest of the family came out
to meet her. Out of the create, back on the leash for another chance to do her business and experience grass. This episode lasted another 30 minutes
or so and by this time it was approaching 11:00 eastern time. I placed her back in her crate with plenty of fresh water which she immediately went
after. Thirsty little girl. I also gave her food, probably the first ever quality meal she may have received and now it’s bed time.

Not a peep all night.

Today is the first day of her new life and we have big plans.

She hasn’t met the ‘boys’ yet but Reagan and Walker knows she’s here. We have planned a trip to the park this afternoon with Reagan and Walker riding with
the wife and Keelin and I meeting them there. At this time we hope to introduce them and start this little girls rehabilitation.

Now just a brief description of Keelin.

She has a beautiful face. Ears have never been set and looks like what I call the Flying Nuns ears. Her tail is docked, very, very short. I mean pembroke
corgi short but she has tried to wag it a time or two….

I plan on taking more pictures today and will send to John hopefully to be posted on the website soon.

I’ll keep you posted.

Jim, Reagan, Walker and for now Keelin.

From: “Hayes, Jim” <[email protected]>

Date: Thu May 4, 2006 7:45:47 AM US/Pacific

I would like to say that all is going very well, but that’s not entirely

true. Keelin as not met our other boys yet as we are keeping them

separated until she visits our vet this afternoon. Keelin is a beautiful

little girl but in my unprofessional opinion is suffering form eye and

possibly ear infections. She as an odor believed to be from the

infection and constant drainage from both eyes. I have tried to keep

them clean simply using a warm damp washcloth but am fighting a loosing

battle. She arrived Tuesday night and to date has not made a sound. No

barking, crying, whining, nothing. She eagerly greets me at the door of

her crate for our exercise and play time. She’s doing very well on the

leash but keeps me jumping… She likes to zigzag sniffing up all the

new smells of the environment. We are exercising her on a 2 hour

schedule for not more than 30 minutes at a time. Sometimes her exercise

is nothing more than a walk up the street and then some down time in the

yard. To date, (and it has only been about 36 hours) no accidents in the


She’s drinking plenty of water and consuming some food… I have

piglet boys, so it seems to me she is eating less but maybe I’m just

used to the glutens. Yesterday afternoon after one of our walks we came

back to the yard and I just sit down and held onto her leash. She

sniffed the air, looked around taking everything in and then came up to

me, closer and closer and finally my first Kerry kiss… She is going to

be a precious girl and I can’t wait. It’s so sad but this 5 year old

girl doesn’t know how to act like a dog. I’m real excited about our vet

visit this afternoon. I hope to have her on antibiotics by this evening

and then as soon as the doctor gives me the okay, Keelin will be

introduced to Reagan, my Kerry boy and Walker, my Bichon who wishes he

was a Kerry… We plan on doing this at the local park about a mile from

our home. This way she want be invading their territory and usually both

boys are receptive to new play mates away form home. I realize it’s

going to take time but hopefully I’ll have pictures of this darling

downloaded and available soon.

From: “Hayes, Jim” <[email protected]>

Date: Fri May 5, 2006 6:34:24 AM US/Pacific

Yesterday (5/4/06) was a good day. I returned to work so it was the kids day to

exercise and get to know our new little foster girl. I got periodic

updates from 2 of my 3 college age children throughout the day and each

call had another progress step and or report.

As I mentioned yesterday we had planned a trip to the vet to check out

her eyes and ears, they didn’t look good. My wife met me at the vet

office with the little girl and she did very well until a lady came in

with three dogs on leashes. Keelin didn’t seem scared, just a little

over whelmed. Debi picked her up and ‘snuggled’ her and all was well. We

went back and the vet did a very through evaluation and stated that all

things considered, she was in pretty good shape. She only weighed 27

pounds and has little to no muscle tone. Her eyes have started looking

better and the drainage could have been caused from all the hair she had

when rescued. Her initial grooming before departing MO must have helped

a great deal. I had cleaned her eyes good Wed. night and when we got to

the vet they still looked good, no more draining. Ears were a different

story and both were infected. The left ear seems to be the worst and she

made the first sound I’ve heard her make when the Dr. was examining her

left ear. The Dr. also suspect a uterus infection due to some vaginal

discharge. He placed her on antibiotics and some antibiotic drops for

her ears but let us know that the antibiotics wouldn’t help the uterus

infection, if present so we went ahead and set up the appointment for

spaying. This little girl will never be raped again.

After we returned from the vet we decided to let her relax and then

exercise a bit before we started the medicine. She’s getting better on

the leash and my wife actually thinks she has got a little more spring

in her step. We were going to go to the park to introduce our dogs but

thought this may be a little too much for one day. After a 1/2 hour or

so of exploring the property I got my nerve up. Debi went inside and

brought Reagan and Walker out on their leashes into the fenced backyard.

I went in through the garage with Keelin on her leash and entered the

backyard through the music room. At last, they’re all three together, in

the same back yard within 10 -20 feet of one another… Keelin is

excited and wants to address both my boys. Reagan is shocked, head up,

tail erect but wagging wildly. Walker the Bichon (I want to be a Kerry)

is confused (which is his normal state) but interested. I ease Keelin

closer and closer and then her tail (remember, it’s only about 1/2 inch

long) start wagging as fast as she can get it to go…

The boys do their doggie business and sniff. My intact male thinks that

this is the greatest thing to enter his house since T-Bone steaks (boy

is he going to be surprised next Friday). Keelin allows it for a minute

or two but then lets out a low pitch growl to let Reagan know that he

has sniffed her butt long enough.

All in all, the visit went very well. No aggression from my boys and

it’s almost like they realize that this girl has been abused/neglected

and doesn’t really know how to act like a dog. I finally dropped

Keelin’s leash and let her explore the back yard. She walked around nose

to ground and then up in the air, taking everything in. The boys, who

were still being held with their leash followed behind in an “I’m

interested” kind of way. We praised all three for such excellent


Now it’s time for Med’s and bed.

Exploring the yard with Reagan

This morning (5/5/06) when we went out for our morning stroll around 5:00, Keelin

didn’t want to go her normal route. We came out the front but she wanted

to go back to the yard. The boys were out there doing their morning

constitutional so we were going the other direction. She finally talked

me into heading to the back yard for just a look. As we approached in

total darkness, Reagan let’s out a “woof woof” to which Keelin

immediately answered back with a woof woof of her own. It was really

cute. I let her walk up to the gate and she found her boys. Her tail

started wagging and she was trying her best to get inside with them.

This is when she performed her very first Kerry antic. Yes, that right

paw went up in the air and she was swatting at the boys, acting almost

like she wanted to play…..

Walker (I wish I were a Kerry) saying, ?hey, your in my spot.?

Oh well, time to get ready for work so Keelin goes back to her room for

a little breakfast, medicines and rest. Today is going to be another big

day. I only work 1/2 days on Friday so I’ll be home by 11:00 and then it

will be time for more leash time, back yard exploring and if she’s

acting like she feeling better maybe even another bath and touch up


Later for now,


With Reagan, Walker (I want to be a Kerry) and Keelin.

Jim Hayes

From: “Hayes, Jim” <[email protected]>

Date: Thu May 11, 2006 5:56:33 PM US/Pacific

I promise, this note will be short.

Keelin continues to amaze me. She is coming into her own so quickly. Tonight she’s helping me with the laundry. (Yes, I’m in touch with my femine side,
but my wife works a stressful job too, (special education teacher) so I try to help.) Anyway, in true Kerry fashion, she is an excellent laundry sorter.
She has ‘reaaranged’ my dirty piles several times, I guess to make sure I’m as good a laundry sorter as she is. She is so funny.

She gives her kerry kisses with ease. She’s starting to snuggle and keeping the boys straight. She is learning to play and actually as decided on a favorite
toy. It’s a little sheep and she keeps it in sight almost all the time. She is chasing Walker (damnit, I am a kerry) all over the house and then it’s
his turn. Reagan is giving her voice lessons. The way this works is that Reagan will kneel down, but in the air, front on the floor and bark twice,
not once, not three times but twice. Now it’s Keelin’s turn. Same but in the air, front on the floor and she answers with three barks.

As best as I can tell, this takes place for 3 exchanges and then it’s time for a lap (or 2) around the downstairs of the house and then the next lesson
can get started.

She hasn’t mastered the stairs yet, but I’m sure it want be too much longer.

I would like to ask everyone to keep their thoughts and prayers on Keelin tomorrow as we are taking her to our vet at 8:00 to be spayed. I know it’s a
normal procedure, but anytime you do surgery there is cause for concern.

One last note, this little girl is so sweet and special that today, with agreement and consent from my wife and children, I completed the adoption questionaire
and have ask that this little girl be able to start calling Johnson City, TN her forever home.

Thanks for all everyone does to protect this breed. They are soooooo special…


From: “Hayes, Jim” <[email protected]>

Date: Sat May 13, 2006 8:08:57 AM US/Pacific

Okay, it’s Saturday morning and I haven’t updated in a day or two so here is a quick note for those interested.

First I want to take everybody back a week or so ago when I made the post that stated my little girl would never be “raped” again. A few on the list took
this statement at face value and made post about the female initiated the breeding, therefore she couldn’t have been raped. I think is was Barbara
from Washington (maybe) that came to my defense and stated that my comment was referring to the way these dogs are treated in the puppy mills, bred
over and over again with little or no concern for the bitch. Well Keelin was spayed yesterday so she will never again have to deal with some greedy
bastard throwing a male in her crate every time she’s willing to initiate a breeding. Further more, my heart broke as the doctor started explaing all
of the scare tissue that was a result of mulitiple C-sections. Yes, you read that right, MULTIPLE C-Sections.

Anyway, she’s resting today, has been out to the yard a few times this morning but she is back on her leash for today simply because I don’t want her running,
jumping etc.

Her teeth were suppose to have been cleaned while she was out for the spaying, it was on the appointment card and I discussed it with the receptionist,
but just our luck, when I went to get her I was informed that this wasn’t done. I tried not to become to upset, but how many times do you have to tell
people something? They did let me know that a full dental wasn’t done, but they had removed plaque and some cleaning but didn’t do the polishing and
that I could bring her back for that and they wouldn’t charge me for the anesthesia.

Yes, cost does matter but the part that bugs me the most is that she will have to go through it again…. I think I’ll wait for a while and let her fully

Other than dealing with the surgery she seems to be doing well. She cried this morning when the boys were playing and she wanted to be right in the middle
of that session, but with the stiches, I thought better of letting her join in. She’s out now, resting comfrotably on the day bed while Reagan is in
his normal perch on the back of the chair chewing on his praire dog toy and Walker is wondering if he will ever get his favorite corner of the day
bed back or if he should just surrender it to Keelin and find another napping place.

Happy Mothers Day to all those Kerry Mom’s out there.


From: [email protected]

Subject: Re: [KBL] [I] [KBL] How about some updates on rescue dogs??

Date: December 12, 2006 10:51:54 AM PST


I get all the blame at my house for being the foster flunky, but it was

really my wife that said she’s not leaving so we adopted Keelin.

Let me first start by listing all of her names. Given name Keelin, Irish

for “fair”. AKA monkey butt, AKA devil dog.

Keelin is coming into her own. She dominates the boys (Reagan (Kerry)

and Walker (I wish I were a Kerry Bichon)) when it comes to bed time.

She’s the first into bed and lays guard at the foot of the bed and

attacks when one of the boys tries to enter form the love seat at the

foot of the bed. Not in a vicious way, just some growling and other

noise making to let them know that she’s quite comfortable and doesn’t

want to be disturbed.

She loves our fenced in back yard. When I let them out, they take off

across the deck. She will chase Reagan around the yard and then Reagan

chases her. Walker will ignore them until he finishes his business and

then he returns to the deck to wait for her return. This is when he

attacks. He has the upper paw and can look her eye to eye while she’s in

the yard and he’s on the deck… She usually just ignores him and then

everything is fine. She does well traveling but wasn’t too wild about

the beach this past summer and just acted like she would rather be home.

She loves attention and will cry for me if I’m in the house but in

another room where she can’t see me or get to me. She loves toys and

insist on having each and everyone of them out just in case she’s ready

for a change. We have wicker basket that sits in the family room near

the fire place for their toys. We try to keep them picked up, but as

soon as we do she will remove everyone of them and then dare one of the

boys to get her toys. Usually the one she wants to play with is the

first one that Reagan or Walker picks up, but they usually allow it

unless it’s Reagan favorite, then he’ll exercise his male dominance and

keep the toy he picked.

She is doing much better at laying on her back. Last night when we went

to bed I called her and she came up to the human end and allowed me to

roll her over on her back and scratch her belly. She laid there with her

head on my arm and allowed me to rub on her for a good 30 minutes, then

retired to her usual end spot on the bed for a good nights sleep. Each

and every time my wife grooms her she looks better and better. She does

pretty good on the table, minds reasonably well, but still doesn’t like

the hardwood floors or the ceramic tile. She hates stairs and will not

attempt them on her own, but we don’t mind carrying her up at night and

down in the morning. So far she hasn’t paid a whole lot of attention to

the Christmas Tree, but give her time, it’s not over yet.

After her teeth cleaning she became much more fun to kiss. She loves to

kiss you back and my ears have never been cleaner… She can go deep and

do it quickly. In the blink of an eye that tongue of hers can almost

tickle what little brain I have…. Oh yes, and she actually smiles…

I’m serious. You can see the happiness in her face and it’s almost as if

she’s smiling and saying thank you. She’s a real joy to be around and

holds a very special space in my heart….

I promise, pictures will follow in the next week or so….

Jim in Johnson City, TN

With Reagan (Ch. Topgun Reagan for Freedom)

Walker (I’m a Bichon with a Kerry attitude)

And Keelin, (aka Monkey Butt or Devil Dog)

From: [email protected]

Subject: [KBL] Life is good

What a difference a year makes. Last year on Mother’s Day it became

official. Keelin, aka #3 from the April surprise rescue became an

official resident of the Hayes household. She was timid, shy, scared and

very insecure.

Yesterday, after lunch I decided to relax for a while in my recliner and

watch a little bit of the race. Here comes Keelin, in my lap, squirms

down between my feet and lays her head on my legs and she’s out. I

believe she would have laid there all day but I don’t have that much

patience. Later in the evening it’s time for bed. (She still doesn’t do

steps but that’s okay. She’ll take a few but not all the way upstairs on

Oak stairs). Anyway, we still carry her up, onto the bed she goes and

gets comfortable down on the foot of the bed. After I get ready for bed

she is quietly laying in her usual spot at the foot of the bed. I pat

the bed and say “come here girl”. She curls up next to me, snuggles in

for a good rubbing and then let’s out the most precious exhale and seems

to say “Life is good”. I continue to snuggle and pet this precious

little girl and look into those big black eyes. She has such a pretty face.

When she came to us a year ago she couldn’t straighten her hind legs. It

was as if from all the time spent in a crate they just wouldn’t

straighten out. After a year of chasing her two boys around the back

yard, defending us from the boys jumping onto the bed in the middle of

the night and generally protecting us 24/7, she’s a new girl. She loves

her attention, acts as if she just can’t get enough of our attention and

the more we pet on her the more she accepts. And what a kisser!!! She’ll

give them freely and without warning.

Yes, life is good and Keelin wanted me to give everyone in the Kerry

community a big thank you for rescuing her and I want to say that being

a foster flunky as turned out to be a real blessing…..

Jim and Debi Hayes, Johnson City, TN

With CH. Topgun Reagan for Freedom, CGC

Walker (the redneck Bichon that loves to torment two Kerry’s)

and Keelin, monkey butt devil dog.



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