2006 April Surprise Rescue: France #11

Marda and France

My darling France (pronounced ?Fronce?) arrived to me on May 6th. I cannot believe the pouring out of support from the Kerry Rescue people. Candi Marzano
was the first person I met; she did a house visit and while at my home made a call and found out that 14 Kerries had been bought at the auction and
there was a one year old male that could be mine. I was away on a business trip and due to miscommunications my darling boy was to arrive on Weds and
I would not return home until Saturday. More Kerry people came to the rescue! Jourdy Bacon picked this boy up at the San Francisco airport and transported
him to her daughter, Cindy, and son-in-law?s home in San Mateo where he was fostered (their first foster experience!) until my return by her female
Kerry and two sons, Kyle and Cole. I got to hear of him through my mentor, Eileen Andrade who informed me that I better get him sooner rather than
later as this welcoming family was already getting attached and the boys had named him Derrick. Cindy and I talked on the phone before my return and
she said he was scared but was such a sweet boy, showing no signs of aggression and most comfortable with her Kerry around. When I arrived he was standing
in the middle of the kitchen shaking, Cindy encouraged me to force some love so I picked him up, put him against me, he stiffened up and then slowly
relaxed and started licking my chest. Instant bond.

France has made such great strides; he was definintely a donkey on a leash for at least a week and since I live in the city and do not have a yard this
was starting to become a worry for me. Eileen called nearly every day for the first week or so……..such support from everyone in this
organization; I was amazed. I had to teach him to walk down stairs and his legs were so weak that when he tried to run he looked like a gumby dog!
It?s been so fun to watch him get stronger and more confident. Now he loves to run, he goes off leash in the park and when I call his name he can?t
run back to me fast enough. We just returned from Mammoth Mtn over the 4th of July and he had his first of so many frolicks in the snow. We stayed
in a house with a few friends and a golden retriever and he really came out of his shell. Ginger taught him to chew a bone, chase a ball and play with
sticks but he would have nothing to do with wading through water. My little boy had to be carried like a baby over the first few streams but then he
found his giddyup and started flying over water! He had such a ball and was so tired last eve that he slept through the fireworks!

His ears are down, his tail uncropped and he is black with a very slight tint of silver. I had an Airedale for many years and he looks so much like my
past dog ?Tosa? but smaller and black. His favorite thing to do is be held and to fall asleep in my arms and he gives sweet kisses. France loves other
dogs and is becoming more receptive to people as well. There are many dogs in my neighborhood and lots of people out walking everyday. Everyone has
heard his story and they are enjoying watching him blossom. He is educating everyone about puppy mills and I imagine there will be some takers of our
future rescues. He has dogwalkers on the days I work out of the house……….2 second moms to him and they say he is quite comfortable
in the group and they too are enjoying watching him blossom. He has had just a few accidents in the house (#1 only) and he has already survived a few
traumas; he?s had a foxtail in his eye, he?s been neutered and had the hair pulled out of his ears but he?s been a trooper through it all. He does
not like to be left alone though and that is the only time he ever barks so my neighbors tell me!! so we are working on this for sure.

France is a true love and I feel so fortunate to have him. Thank you to everyone that made his adoption possible.

Best wishes,

Marda Levy

San Francisco, CA


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