2006 April Surprise Rescue: Connor #4

From: peggy turner <[email protected]

Date: Tue May 2, 2006 9:44:40 PM US/Pacific

Subject: Connor9

Announcing the arrival of little “239” here in Massachusetts. He is the CUTEST little kerry guy, 14 weeks old. His flight didn’t seem to faze him,
nor our hour long car ride home in my husbands arms. Once in our home, he pranced around the kitchen, tail wagging confidently. First dog he met was
our Mulligan, a rescue boy from 04,(who looks like a GIANT next to this little man) and wanted to play with him. Next some supper of boiled hamburg
and rice, which he devoured, and a big drink of water.

Next he met our 2 kerry girls. No issues. Our 12 year old male Tank declined the invitation to meet the liitle guy, but instaed followed my husband to

My first impression of this puppy is he is going to be a wonderful, happy and confident little guy who has now begun his journey into the world of
loving homes and happy times, thanks to the Foundation and everyone who cared enough to get him out of misery and suffering. To some caring, adoptive
family, this little man is going to be a treasure!

Peggy Turner, MA

From: peggy turner <[email protected]>

Date: Wed May 3, 2006 5:34:15 PM US/Pacific

Subject: [KBL] Connor report

As I type this, little Connor, rests in my lap. He has had a very busy day. He is now at ease with all 4 of our kerries, and they him. He chows down
his food, is very good about relieving himself outside and is discovering toys. And he is very easy about going to his crate for naps.

It is hard to imagine that any of our beloved kerries were ever this tiny. He has gorgeous little dark, inquisitive eyes and loves to melt in your arms.

Mulligan tries to engage him with play bows and it is very funny to see. Mulligan is about 20 inches tall, and this little guy looks like a black flea
in comparison. At the moment Connor just sits there looking at him not quite understnding, but not intimidated either.

And nap time this afternoon, when I couldn’t “find the puppy”, I realized he was very tightly curled up in D’Annies beautiful Kerry curls, as she gently
wagged her tail.

Everyone of these kerries are precious. I am honored to foster this trusting little soul and get him ready for his forever home. Someone is going to be
blessed to have this little guy as a lifetime companion and friend.

Jan, your depth of feeling for these guys is beyond words. What you have inspired each of us to do for them is wonderful and I am proud to be part of it.

Peggy Turner, MA

From: Peggy Turner<[email protected]>

Date: Fri May 5, 2006 8:17:57 AM US/Pacific

Well, this is just one wonderful little fellow! We just had our first outing on our 3 1/2 acres; me, 4 adult kerries

and one little Connor. He was all to happy to follow us, explore the woods, see a pond, lots of dandelions and beautiful


It was a long hike for a little guy, but after an hour we came in and he ate his first full meal with relish. Now it’s nap time.

Connor is very cute in his antics to engage Mulligan in play. Mulligan responds with a play bow and then takes off running,

(the love of his life), leaving Connor in the dust. BUT, as time goes on and this puppy picks up speed, they will be great pals.

Two very endearing qualties of Connors are his love of laying with his back legs out full extension, like a frog, and the way he

cocks his head to listen to waht you are saying. Very Kerry, very terrier! He also, at the moment, loves to untie shoelaces!

You go Connor! The best is yet to come! It’s a pleasure to have you here

Peggy, MA

From: Peggy Turner <[email protected]>

Date: Fri May 5, 2006 12:42:53 PM US/Pacific

Today is definately a day for beginning to see a great deal of self confidence. For a little guy who 2 days ago wouldn’t

follow us around the yard in fear, he is now racing to keep up with Mulligan and grabbing onto everyones back legs !

Maybe he wants a lift? He is even tackling all our stairs, no sweat, and he is just so little.

Have a feeling nothing is going to hold this guy down and he is going to be full of it like any self respecting Kerry Blue Terrier!

The older guys just have to set him straight about a few little rules………………………

Anyway, life goes on, thankfully, outside the mill, at a gloroious pace for Connor!


From: Peggy Turner<[email protected]>

Date: Sat May 6, 2006 10:23:19 AM US/Pacific

Today Connor has acquired a new nick name, “Fast Eddie.” Boy can he run! And those big scary outside steps? No sweat.

What he doesn’t want to do is slow down long enough to eat full meals. Not even with goodies like chicken, cottage cheese or venison.

He picks at food and takes off like a shot. When he’s done running he crashes.

There was a parade in town today for the opening of softball season that went right by our our house and it sounded like every fire truck and police car
for many surrounding communities were participating. Fast Eddie didn’t miss a beat. Didn’t even phase him.

He has met many new folks and greets each with a wagging tail. This is a very resiliant little man, much more self assured than our rescue boy Mulligan
was over a year ago.

Anyway, off to watch the puppy RUN………………………………………………

Peggy and Fast Eddie, taking on the world !

From: Peggy Turner <[email protected]>

Date: Tue May 9, 2006 6:40:40 PM US/Pacific

Subject: [KBL] Connor report

Connors progress astounds me. He has been here a little over a week and is the most wonderful little guy.

I simply cannot believe how smart he is, how adaptable, and how loving.

The eyes that were initially goopy each morning are no longer and boy do his eyes sparkle! He races around our yard with reckless abandon. His latest love
is to hitch a ride on the hem of my jeans as we walk, just to let me know he is full of the devil. Tonight he had his first bath and I blew dry his
coat. Didn’t phase him, or the vacumn cleaner after that was used to clean the room.

And while I groomed another dog, he slept peacefully curled up with Ren and Mulligan, snoring his head off.

Each time this little one is let out he heads right over to do his business. Don’t even have to say anything to him

He is very respectful of the word “no” and will stop immediately what he is doing. I am seeing that pleasing people matters alot here.

This puppy is a delight! The love he will give a special family will be such a wonderful gift. How sad to think how close he came to spending his life
in a cage. The love these rescue dogs have to give is extraordinary

Peggy, and Connor, in MA



From: peggy turner <[email protected]>

Date: Mon May 15, 2006 3:33:14 PM US/Pacific


Connor just continues to get to be more fun each day. We have bells hanging on our kitchen door, on the inside of the room, primarily for our Mulligan
who likes to ring them when he needs to go out. Well Connor discovered them and simply ringing them just won’t do. Much better to swing off them and
make our kitchen sound like a version of the Bells of Saint Mary are being played………………….

And, as I carried him into our vets office the other day to check his weight, and the receptionist said “look, he’s peeing”, I looked down to notice he
had just peed into my open purse.

Can’t help but love em!

For anyone wanting to see this sweet little angels face, he is now posted on the Foundation website and looking for a family to love the cutest little Kerry ever! HIs tail never stops wagging and you’ll never stop laughing or loving this little guy

Peggy, and Connor in MA

From: Peggy Turner <[email protected]>

Date: Tue May 23, 2006 6:45:19 PM US/Pacific

“Little” Connor has now been with us about a month and I must say he doesn’t look like the little, black flea

that arrived at the airport those many weeks back. He is growing up and filling out beautifully, and enjoying everyday

to the fullest.

This past weekend we went to an agility match so that Tracey Fulmer could meet him in person, and she fell in love.

Mulligan, Connor and I met with not only Tracey, but her two wonderful kerries, Bailey and Isobel. All the dogs got on

nicely, and Connor got to practice his leash walking. He wasn’t in the slightest overwhelmed by all the dogs at the match and would occasionally have
to sit down to just watch all the goings on. The little guy that could barely catch Mulligan as he runs on our 3 1/2 acre property, now keeps up all
too well.

The other night we let our D’Annie and Mulligan off the gated patio to chase off some geese down by the pond that

surrounds one side of our yard. They ran with great speeed and determination, and who was in tow? Connor! He had no idea what they were after, but
he was going to give it all his heart and keep up, and he did!

Connor now sits beautifully before meals and treats. And he uses his crate for naps and such without complaint. We all have spent so much time outside
running all over the yard since Connor got here ( me and 4 adult kerries), that when I wake Connor up at night to go out one last time before bedtime,
he looks at me like “Oh please, don’t make me run again, I’m only little!”

He is also doing a pretty extraordinary job of whining at he door to ask to go out. I am amazed at how smart this little fella is. Sometimes he seems wise
beyond his years.

And so little Connor, now that we are all into a routine with you in our lives, you bet fostering these little irish treasures is worth it! To know you
are helping such wonderful little souls on the thier way to a better life is worth every bit of work. Can’t beat those Kerry kisses! Or to listen to
a little pup snore at night, in total contentment. Connor, it is a pleasure to have you here!

Peggy, MA

At the New England Kerry Gathering, August 19, 2006

Nelson & Mimi Wight with Connor, their puppy from the April Surprise Rescue.


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