2006 April Surprise Rescue: Annie Oakley #6

May 3, 2006 

From: Carol Cain <[email protected]>

Date: Wed May 3, 2006 12:38:15 AM US/Pacific

Subject: [KBL] #235 & #107 Arrive!

A very quick note to let everyone know that Candi Marzano was kind enough to

ask me to ride along tonight to pick up two little girls from the April

rescue. What a treat!

# 107, a tiny tiny little girl with a quaint ear, an undocked tail that

curls at the end and goes up and down just like it’s suppose to….melted my

heart. It took all I could do to leave her in Candi’s capable loving hands

when I left. She was cold from the plane ride, so I got to hold her all the

way back to Tacoma….she slept and cuddled and won me over big time.

These two girls were curious, alert, giving kisses, watching everything but

not being too afraid = just cute little Kerries.

# 107 is now Annie – and it fits perfectly. She had her first taste of

grass tonight and she ran and jumped and hopped all around the yard, never

letting us out of her sight. She had her first stuffed toy and after

carefully figuring out how to pick it up, shook it as any good Kerry would


What a treat to get to help these two, and all the others. Thanks Candi for

letting me share!

Carol Cain

Gig Harbor WA

From: Candi Marzano <[email protected]>

Date: Thu May 4, 2006 11:16:33 AM US/Pacific

Subject: #6 Annie

Hello All,

Little Annie would fit in a shoebox!

Annie, #6 is about the smallest 11 week old female I have ever seen!! She

has as much sparkle as one could want in a puppy and afraid of nothing: she

desperately wanted to play with my big kids, she had no fear of stairs-just

ran right up, put her tail and head up and walked just fine for the first

time on a leash, killed every toy and had to see and touch everything. She

is now fostered by Barbara Kam and I find that I miss her and her little

misshaped ear. It looks as if someone tried to dock her ear and botched it,

but it’s very endearing, hence her name (Raggety Ann) Annie. I have such a

soft spot in my heart for kerry puppies, especially this one. She will also

go to a special home.

Thanks Barbara for taking her.

Candi Marzano

Tacoma, WA

From: Barbara Kam <[email protected]>

Date: Fri May 5, 2006 8:43:41 PM US/Pacific

Wednesday evening I picked up Raggedy Annie (from the April Surprise Rescue -3 mos old and about 5 lbs!) at Candi Marzano’s home. One more day with Candi
and she’d be glued in there forever! She’s got the Kerry attitude we all love and is full of herself! Hopping and leaping all over the back yard. She
and Zilla have become playmates and for as rough as she plays with Fini, she’s incredibly gentle with Annie. All she has to do is waggle a toy in front
of Annie and the race is on! Took a picture of the two of them snoozing together so will forward it to John to post on the website. Looks like homes
have been found for both Junie Moon and Annie so my time with them is limited. Ziggy is pretty fed up with it all…talk about sour grapes! I’m sure
Mr. Crabass will be delighted to have some peace and order restored to “his” home. It’s certainly been fun and games around here but I’ll be glad to
have a bit of sanity back in my life.

Annie with Zilla

Annie takes a break from playtime with Zilla, the Welsh Terrier.

Annie pretends she’s a little black bunny!


Barbara Kam (almost ready for “the home”)

Olympia, WA

Ziggy aka Mr. Crabass

Zilla, WT puppy 9 mos old

Fini the Piglet (now my daughter’s “daughter” – Rescued by the KBTCSC six years ago)

Junie Moon (formerly #111, Shelbina Rescue, almost 3 y/o)

Raggedy Annie (April Surprise Rescue, dynamite Kerry in a teeny tiny body, 3 mos old)

From: Candi Marzano <[email protected]>

Date: Mon Jun 26, 2006 6:35:15 PM US/Pacific

Hello everyone,

I’m so pleased to tell everyone that Annie, our April Surprise rescue puppy has found her forever home. It’s one of those matches that is so wonderful
that you’re surprised that you didn’t think of it. Janet Beeby and her husband Chad and daughter Grace have adopted Annie and took her home on Saturday
from Barbara Kam’s superb foster home. Annie will become an agility dog, and if you know Janet, it will be a bit more than that. Janet has the first
MACH title on an agility Kerry, so she put little Annie through a few little tests to see if she had what Janet was looking for: movement, ability,
focus, easy going and would chase toys and such.

Barbara and I both knew Annie would pass with flying colors, so it was fun to see her work for Janet and see Annie ran to see the noise that Barbara made
with the clanging of aluminum pots. I also loved seeing Grace play with her and see how the two were having such a good time. Annie loved Gracie. I’m
so happy for Annie and so grateful that Janet had looked on the website at the rescues for the first time and got stuck on Annie’s picture and couldn’t
stop thinking of her. It’s a wonderful match. I will also get to see her every once in a while, and although it wasn’t one of her conditions, it was
always in the back of my mind. I guess if I couldn’t keep her, I’m glad Janet has her.

Go the agility trials in your area, especially in the Northwest, and you’ll be seeing Janet with Gabby and Annie Oakley.

Candi Marzano

Kerry Blue Rescue

Tacoma, WA

From: [email protected]

Subject: Annie Oakley…..

Date: December 18, 2006 9:46:58 AM PST

Here are some updated photos of April surprise puppy, Annie Oakley – I think her original name was Raggedy Annie, but as you can see she’s not the least
bit raggedy!

Annie Oakley is perfect! She is ten months old and I can’t imagine a time that she wasn’t a part of our family. She gets along with everyone and has the
ability to fit into every situation she is presented with. I’ve started agility foundation training with her and she’s doing very well – she’s a true
Kerry and has a fearless nature. Thank you so much for being a small part of making it possible for Ms. Ann to join our family.

Happy New Year

Janet Beeby, Gabby, Jake And Annie Oakley

From: [email protected]

Subject: Kerryblues in Hydrotherapy….

Date: November 16, 2007 8:51:50 PM PST

To: [email protected]

Hi All,

Life is busy and even though I actively live, love and laugh with my Kerry Blues I find I don’t get down to writing to the list as much as I’d like. I
presently have two Kerries: Mach 2 Keriland’s Talk About Town (Gabby), and Annie Oakley – Little Sure Shot, the shortest Kerry in the West.

I have been competing in agility for many years, but more recently I became a certified massage practitioner for humans, horses and dogs. I work primarily
on the same dogs I compete with in agility – performance dogs. Recently I started work at a hydrotherapy spa called K9 Aquatics.

At the pool I have the opportunity to work with canine clients who are often rehabilitating from surgery. Swimming allows dogs the benefits of warm water
massage therapy all while building the strength and stamina to come back from their surgery. After Gabby broke her toe this past May I found that swim
therapy truly helped her keep strength and range of motion during a time when she was pretty out of whack. I’m happy to say she’s back competing and
is running really well.

Anyway, that’s the background info, but I really wanted to write to tell you about my crazy Kerry girls in the pool!

Janet Beeby with Gabby (Bark!)

Gabby is a maniac – pool work is a full contact sport with her and if I ever thought I was going to get out of the pool without looking like someone just
dumped a bucket of water on my head I was sadly mistaken! Gabby get’s into the zone – her zone! A glazed look comes over her when we swim – I truly
believe she’s not in her body – she barks: “throw the ball, throw the ball, throw the ball!!!!” I can’t say it’s a relaxing spa experience, but it’s
entertaining – frantic, but entertaining….

Annie Oakley (April Surprise rescue) is one of the more precious creatures to ever walk the earth. She is small, but stalwart. Annie is also not quite
as enthusiastic about swimming in the pool as her older and obviously deranged sister is. Annie would prefer not to get her feet wet at all, but because
I ask her to, she complies like a well behaved child. While Gabby barks and throws herself around splashing wildly like a walrus, Annie is quiet and
smooth like a little snake parting the grass as she moves low and slow through the water. She stares at me with big whale eyes as I race with her to
the pool edge. Annie likes me to hold her in the warm water – she enjoys the warm water massage and rests her head on my shoulder.

I wanted to share with you all a typical day in the pool with my dogs – what a pleasure they are and if you ever have a chance to swim with your Kerry
I highly recommend it!


Run Fast, Run Clean, Run Blue,

Janet Beeby with Gabby (Bark!) & Annie Oakley (they call me short stack)

Seattle, WA

From: [email protected]

Subject: [KBL] Annie Oakley Titles….

Date: December 31, 2007 4:57:32 PM PST

To: [email protected]

Hi All,

Happy New Year!

Just had to send in a little brag for Annie Oakley (April Surprise rescue). In just two weekend trials Ms. Annie Oakley our little “sure shot” has completed
her AKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves title finishing all three legs in first or second place.

For Annie’s first trial we entered her in just the jumpers with weaves class, but when we saw she was running so nicely I entered her in the Novice Standard
course (the standard course is the one with contacts) this past weekend and she collected two legs towards that title as well – one in first and one
in second place. She made all her contacts all weekend and hit her weave pole entrances consistently.

Annie Oakley is becoming a nice little agility dog! She has plenty of enthusiasm and drive. It’s definitely a new learning curve for me handling Annie
– she runs a lot differently than Gabby (MACH 2 Keriland’s Talk About Town). Gabby is a rock – steady and true – tough as nails. Annie is more of a
sparkly pixie – more speed, more flash and man is she cute!

Annie is light and fast – and small – did I mention, small?!?!? At just sixteen inches at the withers we are in the sixteen inch height class which is
kind of fun after being in the massive, 20 inch class for so many years with Gabby. Annie looks positively miniature next to Gabby who stands at 19.25
at the withers. Her size by no means is any indication of her demeanor though – she’s no push over in fact she can be a bit of a dragon!

I think with plenty of practice and tuning up our team – fingers crossed – Annie is going to make a smoking agility dog!

Yahoo, we’re off to the races,

Run Fast Run Clean, Run Blue,

Janet Beeby

With Gabby & Annie Oakley

Seattle, WA



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