2006 April Suprise Rescue: Darla #14

From: Danielle Monroy <[email protected]

Date: Wed May 3, 2006 9:17:12 PM US/Pacific

Well well well. If anyone had told me I would be sitting here today with two Kerries I would have told them they’d lost their marbles. Last year I
was battling with a rambunctious dog we named Jimmy, who came to us from Marie Sostman of Kansas City. He has many misadventures, among them the famous
“skunk dog” episode where he grabbed one by the butt, throttled it while running to the back door. Needless to say he DID do the Kerry beard-grooming
maneuver all over my clean new white carpets, coach, etc. We stank for weeks. I think a neighbor even moved! Anyhow, he’s all grown up, doing well
at Rally, waiting patiently while mom spends hours scanning the internet as a rescue shelter scanner, and has even won at a couple dog shows!

So when I heard that there was another group coming up at auction I called Janet and made myself available to foster.

Today I arrived at LAX and instead of waiting the expected 45 minutes, she was brought right to me, by a manager in a speedy little cart. He told me that
he was driving by when he saw her coming off the plane he felt compelled to rush her through. She came out of her crate cowering, but offing a multitude
of kisses. She was smelly, but her crate was very clean. The name Darla popped into my head (like the beautiful little girl on The Little Rascals)
Not a peep the 2 hour ride home.

Outside, she didn’t know what to do with the leash, how to walk straight and slinked along the ground. She seemed terrified of the sky. Once she came home,
she ran around her new room, did her “business” on the carpet (not in her crate) and drank and ate a little. She met my son (he’s a lanky wild haired
17 year old). She offered him tons of kisses! She even climbed up on him and kissed his face. After running around nervous, she settled into her crate
and had a few more bites.

She met Brian (not Jimmy yet) who came home and took Jimmy on a long walk. While he was gone I gave her the run of 1/2 the house and my son and I watched
her 1) counter surf 2) sniff everything 3) Look at the ceiling and sniff the air (what is that? Baked chicken!) 4) and find a toy! She chose a little
beanie dog and brought it to “her room” and lay down sucking on it. Jimmy does not do that at all. So cute.

5:30 So far she’s fantastic indoors, tail 1/2 up (normal nice tail) quivering and wagging. Yawning, panting, very good eye contact. She likes to be petted,
held, scratched.

6:00 Outdoors is totally new. We went to the park (1 house away – very quiet and private) at 6:00. After 10 minutes she figured out how to walk in the
grass and the pine needles. She accepts the leash, but would back out of it if I wasn’t reading every bit of body language and keeping her always with
of ahead of me. Jimmy ended his walk and approached us from the opposite end of the park. He was more interested in greeting me that her at first and
then followed her around. She ignored him utterly. (But with gracious manners – she’s very dainty.) She started to get the hang of the grass and actually
ran around and bounded half way up the hill (with me chuffing 5 feet behind her). We walked 1/2 way up the next block, Jimmy the big fluff ball, and
Darla the solid, but dainty light blue dog. She didn’t want to go any further so we went back. Through the park she met a young woman and turned to
follow her, giving her hand a kiss. Can you believe it?

By the time we got home she was doing pretty good on the leash, and we let her and Jimmy play in the backyard. She peed and pooped, and ran around. Jimmy
followed her everywhere acting like the video of Pinky Bryce Action Figure. No matter what he did, she stayed cool. He even Jumped over her, danced
in front of her, bowed and brought her his two favorite toys. She liked the toys. Fostering her is going to be fun. 

So here’s her low down:

She was, as they all were, temperament tested by none other than Jimmy’s breeder!


She has a beautiful curly/wavy coat with coloring to die for. A dark “shawl at the shoulders, and a dark head, and a very pretty steel light blue
at the back. Her legs have lots of curls.

She’s 4 1/2, but she learns FAST!

She has dainty little expressive ears.

She is solid, not fat but solid. She doesn’t have any leg muscles, but tonight she jumped over Brians’ legs twice, and ran down the lawn.

She sits nicely and will offer you a paw. She greets with little dainty licks, offered everywhere. Our socks, feet, knees, faces, hands, whatever
she can reach.

She has straight teeth and is on the small size.

SHE IS GOING TO BE AN INCREDIBLE DOG! Some family will be very very lucky.

Tuesday she is going to the vets to be spayed, and have her toenails touched up, and teeth cleaned. I will give her a little sponge bath tomorrow and this
weekend we will treat her to the real thing and touch up her haircut a little.

As I close, she just brought me a child’s sock from the preschool classroom, and her tail is wagging so hard I think she might fall over. She is even
carrying it up!

Danielle Monroy

Cory (She’s really cool)

Brian (She’s a survivor)

Jimmy (Why is she sucking on that sock?)

Update From: Danielle Monroy <[email protected]>

Date: Fri May 5, 2006 9:32:20 AM US/Pacific

Last night Darla gave me a full belly roll (lot’s of rubs). This morning she joined me in the classroom for the morning preschool greeting. She almost
jumped up on one of the mom’ to offer kisses. Because I explained to the preschool class her story, and how scared she might be, the kids walked in
and dropped to their knees so she could give them kisses. She’s still a little skittish, but she runs around outside now as if she’s always had a yard.
She brought she ears forward last night while she was laying on top of my husband on the couch. If she learns to carry her ears like that more often
it’ll be great – they are nearly just as they should be. Her tail has come up and is nice and straight up. She is not afraid of much – just unexpected
movements. Cars on out morning walks don’t bother her at all. She heard some dogs barking and it made her wag her tail. Today Jimmy was sleeping at
my feet and she reached over and stepped over him to put both paws on my knees, he was completely under her and there I was scritching one with one
hand, and the other with the other hand. Jimmy passed out last night and slept 10 hours! He was exhausted. She has yet to make a sound. And by the
way, she still has her dew claws.

Danielle Monroy

Jimmy (pay attention to me now!)

Darla (This is great!)

Update From: Danielle Monroy <[email protected]>

Date: Tue May 9, 2006 9:17:12 PM US/Pacific

Darla is a delicate “ultra sweet” little Kerry! At 33 1/4 pounds, she loves to eat, and is learning how wonderful life is with good people. She came to
us with her tail down, ears back, and dropping to the floor with any sudden movement. After a few days she has relaxed and explores everything our
other Kerry Jimmy does. She has already destroyed a stuffed bear, counter surfed, sniffed a cat (no problems) stolen and devoured Jimmy’s bully chew
stick. She bestows kisses on anything human she can reach: toes, ankles, arms, necks, faces, and ears (yum). Her favorite place is on my office floor,
resting comfortably. She has a very wavy/curly coat and the most beautiful shades of blue! Her tail, when up, is a perfect set!

Darla gets along great with our almost 2 year old intact male Kerry, although she doesn’t know how to play yet. She walks fine on a leash, though not too
far yet, as she is using muscles that have never been used before. She would be happy with a family that did not demand long walks, but preferred peaceful
moments with her snuggled up on your lap or at your feet. Darla is very good with children. As I run a small preschool, she has been introduced to
the children and she shows no fear at all, and offers lots of kisses. Loud noises don’t bother her, only sudden movement, and even then only for a
second. She is very resilient and extremely smart. She has already started to come when called, and sits on command. She is fine on a leash, takes
her bath nicely, and stands patiently on the grooming table. She has very expressive loving Bambi eyes that won’t let you stop petting her. She is
crate trained, and rides in a car with no problems! This young little girl has a very old soul and will become rooted in her adoptive family’s hearts
in no time at all!

She loves to “counter surf” on you and bestow many kisses. Here she pauses just long enough to look at the camera.

Look at that beautiful color on her coat! It looks like it was painted on with watercolors.

Darla (on the right) with Danielle Monroy and Jimmy

Danielle Monroy

Update From: Danielle Monroy<[email protected]>

Date: Thu May 11, 2006 9:01:42 PM US/Pacific


While I write this Jimmy is sulking with a small bully at my feet, while 3 or 4 feet away Darla (#14) is ravenously devouring what was his LARGE bully.
The wonderful news is, she has FOUND HER VOICE! She followed him around until he set his big bully stick down and then she snatched it up and trotted
off to the office, where we all now reside. When he came to ask what she was doing a low gravely rumbly bear growl came from the deepest depths. After
he backed off he decided again, twice, to check into the situation, both times the sound emitted but enhanced with a small bark! Brian was so proud
of her “What a good girlie!” Finally she looked the other way at Brian with a big smile …. just long enough for Jimmy to grab HER bully and take
off for the living room. Not to be outdone, instead of taking the little bully he left behind Darla takes off for the kitchen and eats all of his freshly
broiled chicken. Then, as she drinks up all his water (We are in stitches at this point) he runs to her crate back in the office and drinks all of
hers. Keep in mind the whole time, she is making these funny little growly voices (very dainty though) and he is talking up a storm (he cusses like
a drunken Irishman). The whole episode ended with Jimmy hiding the original big bully under the couch, and eating the little one in the office. Darla
is in her crate a few feet away, with the door open, resting. Who needs TV with two Kerries around?

Darla was spayed Tuesday, teeth cleaned, boy are they pretty now! They look great – very straight and even too (she has really good genetics!) She didn’t
eat yesterday or this morning so I took her into the vet this am. She’s fine, but he gave her a shot to make her stomach more comfortable. She didn’t
want any of her dog food, she wanted raw chicken instead (Jimmy eats raw). I gave her a little since she had some yogurt today I think she’ll do fine,
and then she ate a little of her own dinner (Innova). She actually walked a little farther tonight that she has before, I am surprised at how well
she is doing! These rescue dogs are very sturdy – even more than the usual terrier! We need to find her a great home.

Danielle and Brian Monroy

Santa Barbara, CA

PS As a Shelter Scanner for the foundation we still haven’t spotted any Kerries, but this week we have helped get an Airedale, two wheatens, and an Irish
into rescue situations! If you have time on a computer, helping the Foundation with rescue is really rewarding. Contact Dianne Ewing if you want to be a Shelter Scanner.

Update From: Danielle Monroy<[email protected]>

Date: Tue May 23, 2006 12:20:05 PM US/Pacific

Darla is looking more and more every day like a real Kerry. Although she has approached several cats with no apparent prey attitude, anything that runs
from her is now greatly to her interest! Crows that fly in front of her used to make her cower, now her tail shoots straight up, she arches her neck
into the beautiful “show dog stance” are her ears come forward. Then I wish I had my camera! She no longer sleeps in a crate, preferring a small matt
on the floor of our bedroom. She is VERY protective of anyone who is petting her, if Jimmy comes near.

She has met and had a few play sessions with several of our friends dogs – no aggression so far, male or female. Like Jimmy, she really likes the bigger
feistier dogs, but she also goes crazy around puppies. She loves the children in my preschool and has charmed EVERYONE. She even wanders out onto the
preschool playground when there are 10 children playing and shows no fear. I’m so proud of her and her resilience is amazing. Her tummy and leg muscles
are really starting to develop, and she now has a little waist tuck up. Yesterday evening on our walk she jumped for joy three times – it was so cute.
These little 8 inch high hops were just random while we were walking down the sidewalk!

Darla has learned to bark, a dainty little high soprano voice that we here only when she chimes in to Jimmy’s raucous threatening door alarm. She can hold
her pee 12 hours, going at 6pm, and then not waking up until 6am, although I try to get her to go outside at 10pm or so. She hasn’t had any accidents
since her spay surgery. She really is just wonderful. I have my fingers crossed that she will be able to go to her forever home soon!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have her as part of our lives, even if only for a little while. I have learned a lot about Jimmy from this experience,
and I really feel that fostering is deeply intrinsically valuable.

Danielle Monroy

Santa Barbara, CA

Update From: Danielle Monroy<[email protected]>

Date: Fri May 26, 2006 6:01:16 PM US/Pacific

Well Darla, our April Surprise Rescue girl, played last night!!! She had a nice big dinner of Innova dry mixed with cooked chuck and a little raw chicken
mixed in. (Her favorite!) Then we took a nice long walk through the big open space park and a few blocks to the elementary school where there is a
small kindergarten fenced-in playground. We let her off leash with Jimmy for a little romp and she PLAYED! She ran (for the first time) cantered, jumped
up and down a little step, and ran with Jimmy! Normally he will take off in wild circles and “herd” a dog back to us, but sensing he needed to be gentle
he just ran next to her. We were thrilled. Darla ran for a good 10 minutes off and on, had some water and then walked, smiling, all the way home.

Danielle Monroy

Update From: John Van den Bergh <[email protected]>

Date: Sat Jun 3, 2006 9:08:24 AM US/Pacific

As I write this, Darla is on her way home to Napa, CA.

Foster mom Danielle Monroy drove to the top of San Marcos pass from Santa Barbara where I picked up little Darla.

Danielle did a wonderful job preparing Darla for her permanent home. When Darla arrived in Santa Barbara from the Missouri auction about a month ago.
She was in poor shape; she slunk low to the ground, probably because she did not have room to stand up at the mill, she did not have any muscle tone
and her belly sagged below her chest, her nose was crusted shut and her coat was coarse. After one month, Darla is the perfect puppy; shinny coat,
posing like a Kerry should, and proud to be alive.

We can’t thank Danielle enough for all her efforts to turn Darla around.

In Santa Ynez, Janet Joers took over the relay and is now on her way to King City, from where Eileen Andrade will complete the journey to Napa.

At the end off this 400 mile relay is her permanent home.

John Van den Bergh

Darla listens attentively to her new master, Howard Berger.


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