2006 April Summer Rescue: Zoe #13

Zoe–4.5 year old female

Zoe is a brave little 4.5-year old female who is loving, smart, joyful, and adaptable. She may previously have lived in a house as she has happily explored
every inch of Agatha Hughes, her foster Mom?s house in the first day, has no problem with slippery wooden stairs, is not alarmed by most house events
like doors opening, strange sounds, music, alarm clocks, and has even figured out how to jump onto her Mom?s bed (!) even though she sleeps in her
crate at night. She has had only the smallest of startles with new experiences and then says, ?OK, I know what that is now, No Problem!? She dearly
loves her fenced-in yard and has happily explored every inch over and over. Her fence must be secure as she is agile enough to climb through anything
in order to explore the world outside. This girl is ready for everything! She does not over-react to neighborhood noises and she currently lives in
a dense urban neighborhood of Philadelphia with every sound from barking dogs to motorcycles. She shows no fear of men or new human friends.

Zoe is in the middle, with the purple collar.

Zoe, the kisser.

Zoe, facing camera, with Agatha Hughes.

She?s an exuberant Kerry! Love, kisses — run outside, run inside — whoa! see the male Kerry and run over and kiss him on the way to running back inside/outside.
She follows her foster Mom everywhere and wants to know everything that is going on. She is a great companion — she is eager to make the most of her
freedom and bravely tries all sorts of new adventures. She is happy! She?s housebroken and can walk on a leash, although she lacks basic training.
Yet, in less than a day she has quickly learned her new name and comes running when called. Zoe is eager to please and bonds instantly. She will stand
right in front of you, wag her tail, look right at you, asking,?What do you want me to do? And have I told you that I love you? Can I lick your ankles

From: Agatha Hughes <[email protected]>

Date: Wed Jun 7, 2006 2:01:24 PM US/Pacific

Subject: [KBL] Zoe’s Morning

Dear Kerry List,

You don?t know me, but I?m Zo? of the April Surprise Rescue. Guess what happened this morning? It was a dark-before-the-storm, cool morning and my Mom
was getting ready for work, I was guarding the kitchen for escaping toast, Ricky was snoozing, and Lily was on garden patrol. Then Lily gave a yelp
that I?ve never heard before. Ricky tore past me barking: ?GROUNDHOG under the shed!? Holy smokes!

I quickly learned what to do: we should all run AT HIGH SPEED around the shed in OPPOSITE directions. KABOOM. Crash! Kerry bodies all scrambled. Whatever!
We should also stop at strategic points and dig like CRAZY. If old pieces of wood come off the shed, well that doesn’t matter. We are on a mission!
We should all trade positions every 20 seconds or so, like trading food bowls, again AT HIGH SPEED.

We barged round and round the shed, leaping, crashing, and dancing for about 10 minutes, when we realized that we weren?t getting anywhere except exhausted.
So, we started barking hysterically because that always pleases Mom. I bayed like a beagle I was so excited. Then it started raining and we got muddy
with all the digging and I knew how happy Mom would be about her kitchen floor.

Now Ricky and Lily always seem to be better at things than me because, after all, I only just got rescued, but I am really good at wriggling, so I made
it further under the shed, with just my little chubby legs sticking out. It was too dark to see the groundhog, but I could really smell him.

Later, after Mom had to drag us forcibly back into the house, we realized that maybe it’s a SHE Groundhog. Wouldn?t it be the coolest if she had babies
under the shed? We could do this every Happy Dog Day!

Zo? in Philadelphia

From: Tracey Fulmer <[email protected]>

Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 2:34:35 PM US/Pacific

Hi Listers,

Zoe, sweet Zoe from the April surprise, went home on Saturday to a couple in CT who had adopted young Higgins last summer. I had done the home visit for
Higgins and have never met a more wonderful, Kerry loving couple. Higgins was a timid rescue and although his owners had done everything to help him
continue to emerge from his shell, including obedience and agility training, they figured a more outgoing house pal would be the best thing for him.
Zoe seemed like the perfect match and based on the initial meeting and the first day in her new home, she certainly appears to have charmed her way
into her adopters’ hearts, Higgins included. It probably helped a bit that foster mom Agatha Hughes made sure Zoe looked irresistible and the groomer
had topped off her gorgeous coat with a tiny pink flower attached to her collar. Pictures have been forwarded for posting.

From: [email protected]

Date: Mon Jun 19, 2006 8:31:44 AM US/Pacific

My name is Jean Burdick. My husband, Warren, and I just adopted Zoe she was April surprise #13. Also in Sept 2005 we adopted Higgins from the Foudnation.

Zoe’s foster mom Agatha Hughes encouraged me to share some pictures. I am attaching two. One with my husband and me with Zoe is from where we met with
Agatha and Zoe to bring him home. This picture was taken in New Jersey. And I also wanted to include one when she got home in Connecticut and joined
our home with Higgins. They are getting along very well. Zoe has adjusted amazingly well.

Jean & Warren with Zoe

(At the rendez-vous location between Philadelphia and Connecticut)

Zoe & Higgins

Zoe at her new home with Higgins

Oh an interesting fact. My daughter and her husband returned from a trip to Ireland last Friday. they told me they were looking for something with a Kerry
Blue Terrier on it and they asked at several shops and no one in these shops ever heard of a Kerry Blue Terrier. They were not in the county of Kerry
however, but I was still surprised to hear this.

Thank you for all you do for Kerries. I just love them!


From: Jean Burdick <[email protected]>

Date: Thu Jun 29, 2006 5:50:25 PM US/Pacific

Hi all,

[Zoe had some diarrhea] Since my last post Zoe has not had any diarrhea at all.

We tried gating off the living room were she was having her accidents and it seemed to help. She has gone outside in our yard and on our walks as well.
We have given her big praises for it! After she goes to the bathroom outside, I have brought her back in and took down the gate. I am not sure if she
gets the correlation but it seems similiar to crate training. And being a mill dog I can’t bring myself to crate her. Her foster mom agrees with me,
Zoe hates the crate.

Also Zoe was spayed yesterday and I picked her up this morning. While she was there she also had her much needed teeth cleaned.

Zoe is doing very well from both of these. Higgins was so happy to have her back home but he does seem to sense that he needs to be gentle with her.
She also hasn’t had any accidents since she has been home ( about 10 hours so far)!!

I do believe that the rain played a big part in this. I hope as she gets more and more comfortable with her new home, that she will adjust and on a rainy
day, she will go out quickly and do her business like Higgins does. (he doesn’t like the rain either)

Thank you all again for your help.


 At the New England Kerry Gathering, August 19, 2006

Sweet Zoe from the April Surprise, now owned and loved by Jean & Warren Burdick, had a surprise of her own at the Kerry picnic. She got to see her
foster mom again, Agatha Hughes!


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