15th Anniversary


On February 20, 2017 the Foundation is officially 15 years old. It has been in operation for longer than that ? but was incorporated that day and the 501c3
status became official on June 30, 2002.

In the fifteen years since then we have rescued 421 Kerries, from puppies to seniors and including several pregnant bitches and several Kerry mixed breeds.

  • There have been several dogs that we knew for sure were Kerry mixes and several that were identified by members of our team as being Kerries to be
    sure that we didn?t miss one that we should rescue, but that we were suspicious were actually mixes.
  • Thank you to the breeder who pulled one of these mixes from a high kill shelter who, after being groomed could not be faulted as being a smallish Kerry
    by any dog show judge!
  • Thanks to those who took care of pregnant bitches, whelped the puppies and then raised them until they could be placed in good homes.
  • Thanks to the team of rescuers who went to the puppy mill auctions and pulled as many Kerries as humanly possible, triaged them, bathed and groomed
    them, and put them on planes
  • Thanks to the waiting rescuers who put them in foster homes until they could go to permanent homes.
  • Thanks to all of the permanent homes for helping these damaged and traumatized Kerry babies by adopting them, loving them and keeping them safe.
  • Thanks to the foster homes and adopters who took Kerries with behavioral problems and worked with them until they were rehabilitated.
  • Thanks to the gentle and generous souls who have taken in our fragile seniors.

In the last 15 years the Foundation has done good work and done a good job of husbanding the donations that have come in to sustain this work. Thanks to
a bequest we are on solid ground financially but every year the expenses of rescue eat away at the principal as well as any current donations. At the
end of the financial year 2016 our operating fund was several thousand dollars in the red.

As of the writing of this piece there are about 1,800 people on the email list of the Foundation and it has occurred to me that if each person on the list
donated $15 (essentially $1 for each year that the Foundation has been operating or less than 4 cents per dog that has been saved during that time)
it would not be necessary to touch the principal of the endowment in 2017.

So I ask each of you at this time if you would be willing to go to the website and donate $15 in honor of the 15 years of rescues that have been accomplished.
Simply go to
kerryblues.info and select Donate. Your donation can be in the bank by tonight ? in time to assist in the rescue of a
Kerry tomorrow ? I just did.


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